Split-ends: part 1 (preview)

Episode Summary

A washday story made by Naturalhairco and PieSlovakiaDance. Sound design, engineering and music by HeyPapaLegend.

Episode Notes

If you’ve ever tried to grow your hair, you know that washday is quite an involved routine. You’re washing, parting, moisturizing, detangling, oiling, and even twisting or braiding, depending on how long your hair is. Your hands are constantly working, your eyes are either closed or focused completely on making sure every follicle of hair gets the nourishment it deserves. The only part of your face really available for anything are your ears.


Because a wash day routine can take anywhere between 15 minutes to say an hour we at Natural hair.Co thought it’d be pretty cool to team up with our friends from PieSlovakiaDance to create a bunch of washday stories for you guys to listen to whilst you’re doing your washday routine.


There’s a little bit of everything but mostly just good old fashioned storytelling.

The first story is about a young man who decides to surprise his lifelong best friend, now living in New York, with an unannounced visit. He is listening to an episodic audio drama, set in a parallel universe / fictional 1996 South Africa, where everything is more or less as it was back then with a few major differences that hopefully you will pick up as you listen.